Ten Lives Manager Noel Hunt, under close supervision from office cat Puss Puss!

Manager’s Muse

Welcome to the Summer 2020 edition of the Scratching Post.
Congratulations to Joel & Freya on the new look magazine style
Scratching Post which hit the streets in Spring this year, it looks and
reads fantastic.

Now more than ever it’s important that Ten Lives effectively
communicates the activities we’re undertaking, as we look to a
major upgrade of the Centre to meet the ever increasing demands
on our services. During the coming year we will be busy making
improvements that will form part of the full Building Project.

I hope you enjoy reading about all the things we’re up to at the
moment, and thank you for being part of our story.

– Noel, Ten Lives Manager

Ten Lives
Building Project Update

Ambassador Dave Noonan rallies local business community support.

State Budget

Government support for Ten Lives infrastructure upgrades.

Weekly Cat Chat

Every Tuesday morning with Sarah, Mick & Johnno for Breakfast.

Hardy Levi’s Journey to Health

Levi is made of tough stuff and his story is a lovely one of winning against the odds.

Margate Op Shop Farewells ‘Fix-it’ Pat!

After nearly 22 years Pat has decided to hang up her Op Shop apron.

222 Argyle: Open for Business!

Not only does “every cat have a story”, but our mural does as well!

Cats & Christmas:
Know the Risks

There are many reasons for cats to get stressed around Christmas time.

Foster #500: Vikki’s Milestone Kitten

Helping just one kitty in need is special, helping 500 is spectacular!

Richmond Cat Management Project

The hallways at Ten Lives have been abuzz with talk of ‘the Richmond Project’.

Helga and her

The story of the first litter of kittens for our 2020 kitten season.

Wish Come True

Celebrating the arrival of our new industrial-size washing machine!

Harness Training:
Tips & Tricks

If your cat longs for the great outdoors, these tips may be just what you need!

Volunteer Interview: Andrij Stachurski

Our diverse volunteers really are an amazing group of people.