Washing Wish Come True!

Andrew Wilkie MP with Ten Lives Supervisor Alisha Tams, discussing some very small kittens and a very big washing machine.

Celebrating the arrival of our new industrial-size washing machine!

ARTICLE BY: Freya Langford-Sidebottom, Ten Lives

While Ten Lives has always been incredibly grateful for donations of items for the running of the Centre, such as second-hand washing machines, the conditions that we run them have always been less than ideal. The scope of washing per day generated in the Centre is incredibly high, and we had previously been running two to three domestic washing machines that would have load after load all day long. They were very noisy and constantly breaking down due to the bulky loads involved. We have long had our eye on something much better…

Andrew Wilkie MP, Federal Member for Clark, recently assisted Ten Lives in successfully applying for a Stronger Communities Grant for $10,000. We put this much needed money towards an industrial washing machine that can, amazingly, cope with the entire Centre’s daily washing in just one load!

This purchase will be a huge help for us in many ways, including: reducing the amount of work and time it takes our staff and volunteers to do a load of washing; eliminating scary, loud banging that the many regular washing machines used to emit on a daily basis (which was less than ideal for nearby cats); saving money for the Centre by washing to a hospital-grade sanitisation standard using only cold water; and, is friendlier for the environment overall by injecting EnviroSaver Ozone into the wash.

EnviroSaver is an ozone washing technology designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia. Use of EnviroSaver produces the following positive outcomes:

  • Saves up to 49% water and drainage costs
  • Saves up to 84% electricity
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the laundry by up to 70%
  • Failsafe System ensures disinfection before proceeding
  • The only method to kill MRSA and staph bacteria other than using high temperature.

Needless to say we are thrilled with our purchase, thank you MP Wilkie for your help – now we just need to save up for the matching dryer!

You can help by making a donation big or small right here.

Ten Lives Manager Noel Hunt showing MP Wilkie the finer points of running the new washing machine.