How can I help?

Ten Lives is a self-funded not for profit cat welfare organisation. We do not receive government funding, and we rely on funds generated from our own operations and the support of the general community.

As we move into our fifth decade of operation, it is heartening to note that our support base is ever growing and that the community as a whole is working together to improve the lives of animals in general across the state.

Building Fund

We’re building them a brighter future… Can they count on your support?

Financial Donations

Donations of over $2 are tax-deductible and donations can be made via our website, over the phone or in person at the Centre.

V.E.T.S. Club

Being a member of our Vital & Emergency Treatment Supporters Club aka “V.E.T.S. Club” helps us be at the ready for the next kitty in need and provides you with regular updates.

Donations of goods

We’re always grateful to receive donations like beds and blankets for our kitties along with  items like office supplies and cleaning products that are necessary in the running of the Centre.


If you are unable to adopt a cat, but would like to have a cat in your life, why not subscribe to the Ten Lives Cat Centre’s sponsorship programme!


Gifts left in Wills (known as bequests) are vital to the life-saving animal welfare work we undertake on a daily basis here at the Centre.