Cat in a carrier cage

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to bring in a cat, please CALL TEN LIVES FIRST on 6278 2111 to make an appointment.

We accept cats 10.00am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

The following information is for surrendering your OWN cat or kitten to Ten Lives.

If you are trapping FERAL cats, or need to hire a trap please visit our Trapping Resources Page here.

If you are bringing in a STRAY cat or kitten, please visit our Found Cats and Kittens Fact Sheets here.

Please provide the following documents at your appointment:

  • Driver’s license/photo ID.
  • Your cats’ microchip and veterinary records.
  • As a not-for-profit, we appreciate a financial donation.

We are self-funded, relying on community donations and fundraising events to keep our shelter running.
It costs Ten Lives on average $600 to care for each cat in our care.

The more we know about your cat the more likely we can find it a suitable home.

General Terms for all surrenders to Ten Lives

  • Surrender hours 10:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Friday, strictly by appointment only.

Why can’t I just surrender my cat at any time?

  • Safety of our Staff, Volunteers, and members of the community is our priority.
  • The wellbeing and humane treatment of cats is our priority.
  • Effective cat management at Ten Lives requires scheduling many people, due to the large number of cats with many different needs. Surrendering outside of hours may impact our ability to effectively care for the cats, including the one being surrendered.
  • Our welfare centre is closed outside of the surrender hours. We are still open to the public for adoptions and for phone enquiries during our usual business hours.
  • We do not receive any funding to provide this service to the community. As a self-funded animal charity, we do not have the resources to pay trained staff to process surrendered cats outside of these hours.

Common reasons people consider surrendering cats/kittens to Ten Lives:

– Behaviour
– Unwanted Litters
– Too Many Cats
– Expecting a Baby
– Financial
– Housing
– Ill Health
– Domestic or disaster situations

Visit: for information to assist you in either being able to keep your cat, rehome your cat yourself, or surrender your cat to Ten Lives.

If, after following our recommendations, you are still unsure about the need to surrender your cat to Ten Lives, please phone 6278 2111 to discuss your situation and to make an appointment for either a phone consultation or a surrender appointment.

Surrendering a cat or kitten to Ten Lives is strictly by appointment only.
Our surrender hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm, Monday to Friday.