Section: Foster

Salem’s Story

Salem's face

As told by his foster carer Miles

I would love to have a full time pet, but I travel so much for work that it just wouldn’t be fair to leave an animal so often. That’s when I realised being a foster carer was the perfect option. I could offer assistance when I knew I was going to be home for a few weeks in a row.

I first met Salem in the middle of winter. He had been left abandoned by his previous family and was taken to the Ten Lives Cat Centre. The Ten Lives Cat Centre put out an request for foster carers for Salem as he had cat flu.The adorable Salem was in need of some love and time to recuperate.

Miles with Salem

Over the next few weeks, all of my friends wanted to meet him. They all fell in love with his awesome personality, but especially his little Manx tail.My friend Amelia said she would love to adopt him permanently.I feel really pleased that this lovely cat now has a stable and loving home.

Amelia with salem

Foster caring is such a rewarding experience. To see how a little bit of effort from me – and the full support of the Ten Lives Cat Centre – can make such a huge difference for a cat in need.