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Containment & Enrichment

Come and see our range of enriching merchandise at our retail shop, and help to support a kitty in need with every purchase!

Shopping with Ten Lives Retail for healthy cats and a healthy environment.

ARTICLE BY: Freya Langford-Sidebottom, Ten Lives.

Responsible ownership of a cat goes beyond just ensuring that you care for and feed the cat. Two of the key messages we promote are containment and enrichment, for happier and healthier cats. These are important aspects that we not only encourage for cats in the wider community, but also for all the cats that we have come through the Centre.

Containment, (keeping your cat indoors) has been shown to be beneficial both to the health, safety and longevity of your pet, and to the environment and impact of a roaming cat on the native wildlife.

Some of the many benefits to keeping your kitty contained, that you may want to seriously consider, include:

  • Keeping your cat safe from cars, traffic, and dogs
  • Keeping your cat safe from abuse – some people are cruel
  • Keeping your cat safe from accidental poisoning from chemicals, ticks, snakes, or plants
  • Keeping your neighbours happy (not everyone likes cats roaming on their property)
  • Keeping your cat safe from being lost, trapped or stolen
  • Keeping our unique native Tasmanian wildlife safe from being hunted by your cat
  • Keeping your cat out of cat fights, which often lead to wounds, abscesses, or Feline Aids – and expensive vet trips!
Medium Enclosure, pictured with shelf and hammock accessories, available in a range of sizes and colours at Ten Lives.

We offer a variety of outdoor cat enclosures that are Australian made from high-quality Australian steel. They come in a range of sizes, with different accessories to suit your cat’s needs.

Ten Lives Manager Noel Hunt has an outdoor enclosure for his own cat, Lily. “We were determined when we got Lily we would have a contained cat, and we’ve found that’s paying off. Lily is safe, she’s not out getting in cat fights. We live near a very busy road, so we have peace of mind that Lily’s ok, we know where she is. My favourite bit is the outdoor litter tray accessory, so no mess or smells inside the house!”

Lily Hunt safely enjoying the view from her accesorised outdoor enclosure.

Along with selling cat enclosures, we also have a fantastic range of
interactive and educational enrichment toys which keep your kitty’s mind and body active! The products in our Catit Senses line stimulate your cat to use its senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smell. The range was specifically designed to be mixed and matched, so you can change your cat’s play environment!

Cat Enrichment Toys

Some of the Catit Senses range we offer include:

Catit Wave Circuit, an innovative product that adapts to both your kitty and your home. The wave circuit is a closed track rollercoaster-style cat toy. Your cat will be endlessly entertained and their toy will never get lost.

Catit Food Digger stimulates your cat’s instincts by providing food in tunnels for them to smell and dig out, and also stops your cat eating too fast and vomiting.

Catit Flower Fountain provides a constant flow of fresh water, which encourages your kitty to drink more and stay healthy.

To see our full range of enrichment toys, along with the essentials like Hill’s Science Diet food, Catmate litter, accessories, gifts and more, visit our shop at 12 Selfs Point Road, New Town.

As Ten Lives is a self-funded not-for-profit organisation we rely on funds generated from our own operations such as our retail shop, so your purchase helps a kitty in need!