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We are in the community and the classroom

Ten Lives is involved with a number of community projects to better improve the welfare of cats and those who care for them.

Ten Lives is back in the classroom delivering Edu.Cat, a free and exciting education program focusing on fostering responsible cat ownership and protecting our wildlife.

What is Edu.Cat?

Edu.Cat is a K-7 based program linked to the Acara Australian Curriculum, Version 9 in Science, Maths, English and Technologies.  For example, in Years 3 & 4, our program is adapted to Food Chains and where cats fit in. Science Strand: Science Understanding: substrand:  Biological Science, Yr 3 and 4.

The subject matter of the program (cats) is tangible and appealing to students whilst the presentations and STEM Challenges and additional workbook activities engage students in areas of: Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths, inspiring students in these fields and empowering them to make positive choices in cat ownership.

What are our educational messages?

  • Care and improved welfare for cats and pets.
  • Desexing to reduce the unwanted number of cats and kittens.
  • Microchipping to assist with the return of cats to their owners.
  • Containment to improve the welfare of cats, community relationships and protection of all wildlife.

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Edu.Cat is FREE to all schools in Tasmania. Let us bring the unique and exciting Edu.Cat program to your classroom. Our program can be tailored to your students’ needs.

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