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Foster Media Upload

Help your foster kitties get great new homes by providing as much information and photos as you can. It is a great idea to get the information and pictures ready a day or 2 before desexing or bringing your foster back in for adoption.

Suggested positive descriptions:

  • gorgeous boy/girl with a loving personality.
  • always up for a chat and love pats.
  • happy with other cats, but not a fan of dogs.
  • loves a quick cuddle and then off to play.
  • other pets are fine.
  • prefers no other pets.
  • would benefit from an outdoor enclosure or harness training.
  • very active and would love a playmate of a similar age.
  • very active but then enjoys a knee sit later.
  • will give their favourite humans an endless supply of cuddles and is a total lap cat.
  • get along well with other cats, however would be best suited to a single cat household.
  • have a happy nature who enjoys the company of other cats.
  • would love a home with a family with older children, but I am not fond of smaller children.
  • best suited to a single cat household/with no small children/or dogs.
  • great addition to a family with toddlers or older kids.
  • would like to be part of a quiet home.
  • would love to be in a family with children of any age.
  • If you’re looking for a quiet, gentle cat who will devote their time to simply being your friend and companion then this is the boy/girl for you!
  • when settled will love pats and affection.
  • avoid using ‘I am’ e.g. first person statements.

Do not:

  • refer to a cat as being ‘outdoor’.
  • Foster Kitty Purrsonality Info Upload

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  • Should be Empty:

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