Section: Donate

Passport Program

Join our Passport Program and get:

  • Your choice of a cat to sponsor
  • A monthly hardcopy ‘passport’ sent to you
  • Updates from your sponsor kitty

But most of all, your monthly sponsorship helps us to feed and house a kitty at our shelter.

If you are unable to adopt a cat, but would like to have a cat in your life, why not subscribe to the Ten Lives Cat Centre’s Passport Program!

From just $20 per month your sponsorship will help us feed and house a kitty at our shelter. Every month you will receive a sponsor passport featuring your sponsored cat.

Ten Lives is a self-funded, registered charity. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Join today

Cancel at any time. Once you join you will be able to indicate a preference of the cat you would like to sponsor (or more generally – a tabby cat, male/female, oldest, or longest resident). If your sponsor kitty gets adopted we will send you a new one the next month!