Why foster caring is so important

The Ten Lives Cat Centre’s foster care program is an essential part of our work looking after our kitties.

  • You don’t have to foster all the time – you let us know what suits you. Fostering even for a short time – a week or two – helps with our vital work of caring for our kitties.
  • Foster carers volunteer to care for kitties in their own home until they are ready for adoption, at which point they are returned to the Ten Lives Cat Centre.
  • Foster carers do an incredible job helping our kitties become confident and playful, or in some cases providing the love and care they need to get back to health.
  • You are never alone as we provide complete support and information. We also provide all veterinarian services.
  • It is a great way to spend time with cats for people who aren’t able to make the long term commitment that adoption requires.
  • Our foster carers talk of the joy and reward they find in caring for a cat and seeing them find their own forever home.

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Resources for current Foster Carers

How you can help

Fostering is a truly wonderful experience which is extremely rewarding for you and lifesaving for the cats or kittens you care for.

Fostering allows you to experience a huge range of emotions and have a lot of fun, whilst offering a nurturing environment for our cats or kittens.

Some of the reasons our kitties need foster care before they can be adopted are:

  • Shy or timid
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Too young
  • Illness

The Ten Lives Cat Centre provides full support and everything you need to care for a cat or kitten in your home.

We provide:

  • food & bowls
  • kitty litter & trays
  • toys, blankets & beds
  • 24 hour support
  • medicines and vet care

You provide:

  • a loving environment
  • care for our cats and kittens in line with vet advice
  • daily recording of their health and condition in your foster care diary