Section: Building Fund

Minister Barnett holding Pickle the kitten, with Ten Lives Manager Noel Hunt, and Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania CEO Michael Sertori with Norm the dog.

Infrastructure Investment:

Ten Lives Cat Centre, along with the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania, received a much needed funding boost for upgrades of their shelter facilities in this year’s State Budget.

As part of the State Government’s focus on infrastructure investment in this year’s State Budget, Ten Lives, along with the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania, will each receive $200,000 to be spent on much needed upgrades of their shelter facilites.

Primary Industries and Water Minister Guy Barnett visited Ten Lives for the announcement.

“It’s a great day for dogs and cats in Tasmania that’s for sure!” he said addressing staff and volunteers from both organisations. “We think this will help support and care for our cats, our dogs, and we want to back you in on doing that.”

“We know you’ve got a big vision, we’re proud of that, we’re backing you in.”

Ten Lives Manager, Noel Hunt, was thankful for the Government’s backing for our Building Project.

“I know that this signifi cant contribution by the State Government is going to tip this project over the line to being a goer and it’s going to make a big difference.” he said, “We’re missing things like quarantine facilites to deal with contagious diseases, so this is going to make a big, big difference.”
“It’s a cause of celebration for us!” Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania CEO Michael Sertori said, “What a vote of confi dence this is in the animal welfare sector.”

With your help, we can improve the well-being of cats – and people – in our community.

You can invest in a brighter future that they can COUNT ON.