Ten Lives Op Shop Staff together at a regular team meeting.

President’s Preview

Welcome to the Summer 2021 edition of the Scratching Post. As the team collected these stories from the past 6 months, it was clear to me that they share an ongoing theme of community involvement. Just as much as Ten Lives is here for the cats, the community is here for us.

The success of Ten Lives is directly dependent on the dedication of our supporters. As you’ll see in Kitten Corner this edition, an increasing part of that support is youth involvement.

Every year I am amazed at the commitment of our volunteers, Op Shop Teams, Centre staff & Vet Team, and people just like you. It’s this support that allows Ten Lives to care for and rehome the cats of Tasmania that so desperately need our help.

Please enjoy this edition of the Scratching Post and I hope you have a happy and festive holiday season.

– David Rees, President

Richmond Open Gardens

Richmond village residents opened their gardens to raise vital funds.

Building Project Update

We are happy to have nearly reached our Stage 1 fundraising goal.

No Ordinary Cat

No one wanted the remarkable Jezabel, until Jimmy came along!

Kitten Corner

Getting the kids involved with Ten Lives.

Catwalk Challenge

On 1st of October we kicked off our first annual Ten Lives Ten Day Event.

A Q&A with Amazing Ang

Angela is just one of the fantastic team of Vet Team Volunteers.

Laundry Blues Appeal

Ambassador Dave Noonan enlisted the help of some unlikely heroes.

Orphan Bubble

Bubble arrived at our shelter… what happened next warmed our hearts.

Paddy Wagon Rocks up

The generosity of the Paddy Wagon Hotel and Bistro in Glenorchy.

Shock Vet Bill

At Ten Lives there is no limit to the time or cost we invest in cat care.

Paula’s Support

The support of people like Paula mean the world to cats like Limony.

Ringworm Foster Care

Fostering ringworm cats can be challenging – do you have what it takes?

Richmond Update

An update on our important Richmond Cat Management community efforts.

Tim Triumphs in Test & Tag

Tim gains accreditation to Test and Tag Op Shop electrical appliances.

Our Op Shop Finds

All these funky items were recently discovered at our Op Shops.

Huckle’s Holiday

A familiar face – Huckle’s home away from home at Ten Lives Boarding.

A Q&A with Fabulous Frith

Frith is one of the extremely talented team of Creative Volunteers.