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  • Arlo

  • 4 years
  • Male
  • #17789
  • No Cats
  • House Trained

Arlo is a loveable character who loves socialising with people. He will give you head nudges and is always ready to receive cuddles. He loves a scritch behind his ears and even around his belly. >.< Another favourite past time is sitting on your lap and if you're on the computer, he sometimes likes to watch what's on the screen! In his alone time, he sits by the window and watches what's going on outside. Arlo loves food and in the morning and he will let you know by being very chatty. He is an excellent companion and a joy to have around the house. Arlo has a palpable bullet shell under his skin, on the upper neck. This is not currently causing him any problems and should not in the future. Arlo is FIV positive, so he MUST stay indoors. Please refer to information sheet for this condition. Like all cats at Ten Lives, Arlo has been de-sexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

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