Problem Solving: Financial costs of cat ownership

The costs of owning a cat

  • Approximately $950 per year/per cat, covers one yearly health check/vaccination, monthly external parasite treatments, three-monthly worming treatments and food (excludes litter).
  • Additional costs include veterinary fees for desexing, microchipping, dental care, illness and accidents.

How to reduce the costs of owning a cat

  • Adopt from Ten Lives. Ten Lives cats and kittens have been health checked, are desexed and microchipped, and have received worming, flea and vaccination treatment(s).
  • Feed a quality dental food such as Hill’s t/d to help reduce costly dental bills down the track.
  • Containing cats will save money on external parasite treatments and vet bills as injuries are significantly reduced when cats are contained. Click Here for information on Cat Containment.
  • Veterinary clinic fees and payment plans vary, choose a clinic which suits you.
  • Desexing cats reduces wandering, fighting resulting in injury and disease, and unwanted litters. The cost of desexing cats varies between veterinary clinics so it is worth phoning around for a price you can afford.
  • The Tasmanian Cat Management Act 2009 states all cats that are sold, given away, or transferred to a new owner must be desexed. Proposed changes to this Act, the Cat Management Amendment Bill 2019, legislates desexing of a cat compulsory by four months of age. Penalties may apply to owners of pet cats if they fail to comply with the Act. Exceptions will apply where a vet certifies that the animal is not in a physically suitable condition to be desexed or for cats owned for the purpose of breeding by a registered breeder. There will be a transition period of 12 months to allow cat owners adequate time to adjust to the changes.
  • Various charities can assist with cat food during financial difficulty.
  • Pets in the Park Tasmania is a charitable organisation offering free veterinary care for the pets of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. For more information visit:

If, after following the financial recommendations above, you still need to surrender your cat visit: for information on Surrendering Your Cat to Ten Lives.