Problem Solving: Emergency Disasters

Emergency planning for pets is an important part of emergency household preparations. Planning ahead is critical and increases the likelihood of evacuating your pets to safety.

How to prepare for an emergency

  • Cats should be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped – ensure details are up to date.
  • Cats should wear a break-away collar and tag with cats/your name, phone number, and any medical needs.
  • Include a secondary contact number on the ID tag and microchip records.
  • Have a large carrier on hand for the cat to be comfortable in for several days e.g. dog create
  • Place the carrier, door open/bedding inside, in a room frequently used by the cat for it to become familiar with it prior to an emergency.
  • Arrange transportation for your own cat in an emergency
  • Plan for the worst-case scenario, you may be unable to return home for several weeks if evacuated.
  • Plan ahead of time where you will take the cat outside your immediate area – family, friends, boarding facilities, pet friendly motels and hotels.
  • Keep cats indoors at the first sign of an imminent disaster.
  • When recommendations for evacuation are announced, follow the instructions of local and state officials.

Cat emergency kit

In a clearly labelled, easy to carry container, pack the following for your cat:

  • Food – dry, wet, and bottled water (rotate every 2 months to keep in date).
  • Food, water bowls, or containers.
  • Medicine – a two-week supply (rotate every 2 months to keep in date).
  • Documents – recent photo, microchip, vaccination and medical records on a USB.
  • Harness and lead, toys.
  • Disposable litter trays (aluminium roasting pans are perfect) clumping litter, scoop.
  • Dish washing liquid, disinfectant and paper towel.
  • Plastic bags and gloves for disposing of waste.

Emergency Boarding Facilities

Ten Lives are unable to assist with emergency boarding, however, the following catteries may be able to assist you:

Cats on Summerleas
212 Summerleas Road, Kingston PH: 0407 867 627

Catnip Cattery
56 Kathleen Drive, Old Beach PH: 6275 0555

Enfield Cattery
Enfield Lane, Richmond PH: 0408 003 821

Cosy Cats
38 Merediths Road, Margate PH: 0408 381 109