Problem Solving: Domestic Violence

If possible, make your cat part of your escape plan if you are in an abusive relationship.

Where possible, don’t leave your cat alone with an abusive partner.

Check if pets are allowed to be a part of protective orders.

If you are planning to leave:

Talk to friends, family, vets about temporary care for your cat. If that is not an option, contact the following for advice:

  • Department of Health and Human Services on 1300 135 513, or
  • 1800RESPECT – National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service on 1800 737 732.

Take steps to prove ownership of your cat:

Desex, vaccinate and microchip your cat, ensuring the details are up to date with your current contact details. Most boarding facilities cannot board a cat if they are not desexed and an up to date vaccination certificate cannot be presented.

Pack a bag for your pet that includes:

  • Food, food and water bowls (or containers), medicine, toys.
  • Photographs of your pets in zip lock bags.
  • Documents of ownership – receipts from adoption/purchase of cat, microchip/vaccination records, receipts from veterinary services and any other related purchases.
  • Carrier/large container/box which has ventilation holes (or ventilation holes added) and a lid which can be secured, bedding, toys.
  • Litter tray and litter.

If you must leave without your cat, leave enough food, bedding, litter, etc. for your cat.

If you’ve left your pet behind with your abusive partner, ask for assistance from law enforcement officials to see if they can intervene.

If you are able to leave with your cat:

  • Keep it indoors.
  • Avoid leaving it outside alone.

Remember, your situation is unique and these tips may not work for everyone.

If, after following the recommendations above, you require the assistance of Ten Lives visit: for information on Surrendering Your Cat to Ten Lives.

Emergency Boarding Facilities

Ten Lives are unable to assist with emergency boarding, however, the following catteries may be able to assist you:

Cats on Summerleas
212 Summerleas Road, Kingston PH: 0407 867 627

Catnip Cattery
56 Kathleen Drive, Old Beach PH: 6275 0555

Enfield Cattery
Enfield Lane, Richmond PH: 0408 003 821

Cosy Cats
38 Merediths Road, Margate PH: 0408 381 109