Helping find a happy home

ARTICLE BY: Joel Diprose, Ten Lives

Sachi has been volunteering with Ten Lives for nearly two years.

Currently she is studying accounting. “At first, my English Tutor recommended that I volunteer with Ten Lives because she has two adorable cats and she knew that I loved cats.“ Sachi explained: “In addition, I wanted to help cats wholeheartedly, as they may have had a miserable past. I strongly believe they deserve to get a better life and I thought Ten Lives was the best the place for changing their lives.”

Sachi said that when she worked the first shift, she could see that everyone was compassionate towards cats and respected others. “That’s why I chose to do volunteer work at Ten Lives.” As a volunteer animal attendant, Sachi helps feed cats, sort donations, clean cages, wash bowls – and also pat the cats!

“The most important role for me is to communicate with the cats and tell them I am always working so hard for them!” Sachi says, “I was very shocked at how many cats and kittens were at Ten Lives and how much effort goes into taking care of each animal and finding their happy home.”

In Sachi’s opinion, both the volunteers and staff are very friendly and try to help everyone. “If you have any questions, they will kindly answer them. At first, volunteering can be daunting, as it is hard to know everything but later, you become familiar with different tasks.” Sachi says, “Therefore, you do not need to panic, and you can get used to what you need to do. You can do each thing step by step.”

As Ten Lives is a very diverse and inclusive workplace, there are always new things to be learnt.

“In my home country, Japan, it is considered that cats bring good fortune to people, including financial luck. They are always celebrated. Each cat has their own characteristics and behaviour, and I fi nd that it is very interesting and energising to see and talk with them all the time. There are many kitty therapists at Ten Lives and they can help all of us to reduce our stress!” And if you’re considering becoming a volunteer Sachi says: “It is very fun and I am honoured to work with everyone here and of course the cats!”

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