About our facilities

Ten Lives Cat Centre boasts a 20 room boarding accommodation facility. It offers personalised and attentive care for the most pampered kitties. When you can’t be with them, let us be there instead.

Our five-paw accommodation includes cosy resting areas, plentiful heating, tasty meals, and calming classical music.

All rooms are individual, and furnished with a multilevel design, providing room to stretch the legs, climb up high off the ground, and a private litter box location.

Our facility is a comfortable option for your cat, be it for a few days, or for an extended holiday.

Feel free to visit Ten Lives beforehand and see our boarding rooms for yourself! Our skilled, cat-loving, staff are happy to help.

Upcoming Peak Periods

20 December 2019 – 4 February 2020

10 April 2020 – 26 April 2020

For all bookings and enquiries please call 6278 2111

Payment due upon booking

Maximum 3 cats per standard kennel (18 Available).

Maximum 4 cats per large kennel (2 Available).

Boarding Requirements

All cats holidaying at the Centre must be de-sexed, microchipped and all vaccinations must be current.

This means that in order to stay with us your cat must have had at least two vaccinations as a kitten and then a vaccination EVERY YEAR of his or her life with no gaps in between.

If you have let the vaccination lapse for more than a year, then your cat is not considered to be fully vaccinated and you would have to revaccinate – a process that takes a month.

General Information with regard to Boarding your cat at the Ten Lives Cat Centre.


• Vaccinations must be current and within date. The last vaccination due to complete the course must have been given more than 2 weeks prior to boarding with us.

• Please bring your cat’s vaccination certificate in with your cat so that we can copy it for our records.

• If Vaccinations are not current and within date or proof of completed vaccinations is not provided or are within the 2 week period, your cat will not be accepted for Boarding.


• Your cat must be microchipped prior to Boarding with us. If your cat is not microchipped we can do this for you for just $25.00

Toys and Blankets etc for Boarding:

• Please bring a few loved items with your cat.

• It is good for the cat to have items with familiar smells and toys to play with.

• Please make sure all items are clearly labelled with your cat’s name.


• Please pick up your cat between 10.00am and 12.00pm on the day of departure to allow us time to ready the room for another occupant.

• Late pickup will incur another night’s fees.

Medical Conditions:

• If your cat has a medical condition please advise us at the time of booking – prior to bringing your cat into the Centre. We are unable to accommodate some medical conditions.

• We will want to know your cat’s Medical History and if it has any allergies.


• If your cat is a fussy eater or on a particular diet – please supply food as this reduces the stress for your cat and reduces the risk of tummy upsets.

• Normal Boarding Fees still apply

If you would like more information on our cat boarding facilities please contact us on 6278 2111, our skilled staff are happy to advise.