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  • Heccy

  • 2 years
  • Female
  • #20139
  • Not cat friendly
  • Timid needs time to adjust

Meet Heccy! Heccy is a gorgeous girl who loves to play and interact with her people. She is very chatty and smoochy and will often request attention with her sweet meows. Heccy has shown a dislike for other cats and didn't get along with all the dogs in her previous home. Heccy has an asymptomatic heart murmur. An ultrasound showed Heccy has a condition called hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, most likely a congenital condition i.e. she was born with it. The condition is currently asymptomatic and Heccy does not currently require any treatment. One of the Ten Lives vets will be happy to talk to anyone interested in adopting Heccy to explain more about the condition. This cat does not have a desexing tattoo in its left ear but has been desexed. Heccy is desexed, microchipped and toilet trained. Vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are up to date.

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