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  • Tapani

  • 7 months
  • Male
  • #17508

Tapani is a very social and smoochy boy. He loves to play, he loves to cuddle and purr. He will seek out affection and loves a chin rub. His favourite toys are ribbon wands and he is wonderful with children and other cats. He's bonded to his brother Sheba, and they will have to be adopted as a pair. He was not a fan of his foster carers dog but stays out of his way, content to do his own thing. He is a very curious cat and does not like being confined for too long. Tapani would love to be around other cats, or if adopted as the only cat, he would really benefit from lots of company, harness training and an outdoor enclosure. Tapani has an overbite. All deciduous teeth are still present. When the adult teeth have come through at around 8 months of age Tapani will need to return to Ten Lives for a Vet Check to ensure the bottom canines are not impacting his upper Jaw. Tapani has been prescribed Hills ID (wet and dry) food by the Ten Lives Veterinarian. Faecal testing showed a gastrointestinal infection which has responded well to this diet. We recommend you continue to feed this diet for the coming months and any transition to another diet should be done under direction of a Veterinarian. Tapani is desexed, microchipped and toilet trained using the Catmate Litter system and currently eating the Hills Science Diet kitten food. Vaccinations, worm and flea treatment is up to date.

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