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  • Sheba

  • 7 months
  • Male
  • #17507

Sheba is very sweet, gentle and quiet. He will be shy and nervous when you first meet, but with plenty of love, time, and chin and head scratches you'll soon win him over! He's bonded to his brother Tapani, and they will have to be adopted as a pair. Sheba prefers a quiet life, loves a fleecy of fluffy blanket to sleep on and a spot in the sun. He has white ears and a pale nose which are more prone to developing sunburn and skin cancers. The best way to minimize UV exposure is keep them indoors and avoid direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Cat friendly sunscreen is available but DO NOT use human sunscreen on your cat as it could be toxic and make them very unwell. Sheba has been prescribed Hills ID (wet and dry) food by the Ten Lives Veterinarian. Faecal testing showed a gastrointestinal infection which has responded well to this diet. We recommend you continue to feed this diet for the coming months and any transition to another diet should be done under direction of a Veterinarian. Sheba is desexed, microchipped and toilet trained using the Catmate Litter system and currently eating the Hills Science Diet kitten food. Vaccinations, worm and flea treatment is up to date.

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