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  • Mr Tibby Winkle

  • 7 years
  • Male
  • #16867
  • House Trained
  • OK with Cats
  • OK with Dogs

Meet Mr Tibby Winkle! Mr Tibby is extremely affectionate and friendly cat with his family members and just needs a bit more time to feel comfortable with strangers. He still enjoys his toys and would be grateful if you could dedicate some play time to him. Tibby Winkle doesn't like being picked up but will come and snuggle with you on the bed or couch and loves his nose and chin rubs. He has spent time in his previous home around cats and dogs and was very tolerant. His previous home also harness trained Tibby Winkle and he loves going outside for walks. Mr.Tibby has had dental surgery due to Grade 3-5 dental disease on arrival at the Centre. The teeth have been cleaned as required. With an appropriate diet and ongoing good health it is possible they will not require further dental treatment but monitoring of dental health by a vet annually is recommended. Hills T/d food can be used to keep dental health at its best. Like all cats and kittens at Ten Lives, Tibby Winkle is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

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