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  • Kumari

  • 1 year
  • Female
  • #16615
  • No Cats
  • No Children
  • House Trained
  • OK with Dogs

Kumari is an energetic girl with a complex personality who craves human company. She will follow you from room to room all day long and settle near you when she can. She likes to be petted but let her initiate this, as she will tell you very quickly when she's not in the mood or has had enough. Kumari has a lot of energy and will need daily dedicated playtime and exercise to settle her down. She loves toys, especially things she can chase after and hunt. Kumari can play a bit rough so will not be suitable for homes with children. She is also obsessed with dripping taps and playing with water so let her have her fun! Maybe a cat fountain would be ideal for her? Kumari needs a cat-experienced, dedicated and patient human who she can build trust with over time as she can become a little overstimulated so needs someone who understand how to look after a high maintenance cat like this. Kumari also thinks she's the queen of the castle and doesn't take well to harsh words and strict rules, so will need gentle discipline and lots of loving encouragement. Kumari is desperate to be affectionate with head bumps and lap-sitting, but she needs to feel safe in her environment to give love. If you have a big heart, give this special kitty a chance.

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