Adopt Geneviève

  • Geneviève

  • 11 months
  • Female
  • #16146

Meet Genevieve. Genevieve came into our care as a stray kitty in which we think she may have been abandoned as she has a very sweet loving personality! Genevieve loves drinking from water fountains and will always seek you out for a pat. She enjoys rubbing against your legs and laying on the couch with you to watch tv. We are unsure on how she is with children, dogs and other cats but with a slow introduction to some kitty friendly kids or pets, she would like the company. Genevieve may take a little while to settle in and get used to new people but wont be long before she will be your new best friend and wanting pats. She does not like being picked up or being held and prefers all four paws on the floor. Genevieve has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms. She is currently eating the Hills Science Diet food which she finds rather yummy!