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  • 1 year
  • Male
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Meet Sam! He's an independent boy who is ready to find his furrever home. Sam has come such a long way on his journey, he is shy at first but he has a bold personality and loves to play. He is particularly affectionate in the evenings and will come up to demand pats and scratches. Sam will sit with you and watch TV but doesn't like to be held. He will tolerate being picked up if you need to move him from one place to another. Head bumps and winding around your legs are his ways of saying he loves you. His ideal home is one where he can be the only fur child as he does not get along with other cats or dogs. Sam is not a huge fan of kids and would do better in a home with teenagers or older children where it is relatively stress-free and calm. Ideally Sam would suit a person who can spend most of the day with him to keep him entertained and distracted from being destructive (carpet and furniture). Sam needs to learn the difference between soft paws and claws! He tends to scratch and bite when over stimulated and will need love and patience in this area. Sam has spent a total of 3 months in foster to gain confidence and once he bonds to you he will be a constant companion. He will be your shadow wanting to be involved in everything you do. He sleeps on the bed but not under covers. He requires quiet, safe, hiding spot for when things get too much. He wasn't a fan of visitors but I'm sure that when bonded, his confidence will take over. Like all cats and kittens available for adoption at Ten Lives, Sam is microchipped, desexed, and up to date on his vaccinations, and flea and worm treatments.

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