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  • Mildred

  • 7 months
  • Female
  • #15808

Mildred "Millie" loves to go out for back garden walkies in her harness and lead (post-walkies she feels the call of the wild and insists that she is in fact a panther), will begin her night in her cubby but then go looking for purrilicious snuggles (just like your pre-schooler used to do after a bad dream), and is always keen for a rollicking game of throw-my-toys-up-the-stairs-so-I-can-catch-them. The moment she comes into your home she'll be scouting out the place for adventure and fun, not to hide away like a scaredy-cat. Mildred has a low grade heart murmur, the murmur has been assessed by our vets as mild and is currently asymptomatic. We recommend regular monitoring of the murmur by your veterinarian. Mildred does not use catmate litter and only uses clumping litter.