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  • 10 years
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Conal is a beautiful big tabby boy seeking his fur-ever home. He loves to be around his hoomin and has so much love to give. He will warm your lap without a moment's hesitation and keep you company while you are working or studying from home. At other times he just likes to chill out on his own snuggled up on your bed or in his, or gaze out the window watching the world go by. Conal doesn't have a mean bone in his body and is always sweet and good-natured... he enjoys pats at any time and is happy to be picked up for a quick cuddle. Conal would be best suited to a quiet home with no small children or other pets. Conal is overweight. We are managing his weight loss with Hills Metabolic food. We recommended continuing with this in his new home until he reaches his ideal weight. We are happy to see this cat back for weight checks to ensure weight loss is progressing appropriately. Once ideal weight is reached the food amount per day is increased to a maintenance amount. It is important for cats to be at a healthy weight, especially for their joint and heart health. Conal has had dental surgery due to Grade 1-2 dental disease on arrival at the Centre. The teeth have been cleaned and polished as required. With an appropriate diet and ongoing good health it is possible they will not require further dental treatment but monitoring of dental health by a vet annually is recommended. Like all cats and kittens available for adoption at Ten Lives, he has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and worms. He is also litter trained; and uses Catmate wood pellet litter. Ask at reception about our Hills Science Diet range, with discounts available upon adoption!

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