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  • Tim Tam

  • 12 years
  • Female
  • #13552
  • No Cats
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  • No Children
  • House Trained

Tim Tam is a lovely, affectionate older girl who craves human company, and an expert at tempting head pats. Looking for a retirement home, Tim Tam is happy with a sunny spot to curl up and relax. She will need someone who spends a lot of time at home as she can be super needy. She is a very chatty, mature lady that will let you know what she wants and when. She does not get along with other cats and she's not fond of dogs or kids either. We would recommend keeping her as a contained cat to stop her from getting into fights and for overall health. Tim Tam is desexed, microchipped, toilet trained and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. She is currently eating the Hills Science Diet food and using the Cat Mate litter system. Tim Tam has had dental surgery due to Grade 3-5 dental disease on arrival at the Centre. The teeth have been cleaned and removed as required. With an appropriate diet and ongoing good health it is possible they will not require further dental treatment but monitoring of dental health by a vet annually is recommended. Hills T/d food can be used to keep dental health at its best. Tim Tam has had bloods tests that indicate possible early liver disease. The changes are very mild at this time. It is recommended that regular monitoring of this issue be undertaken to identify if the condition changes more rapidly (i.e routine blood testing every 6-12 months). We are willing to do the testing for the first 6 mths. After that your regular veterinarian will need to continue with testing. If the liver blood test values increase, further diagnostic tests may be required in the future with your regular veterinarian.

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