Surrendering a cat?

We accept cats 10.00am - 2.00pm Monday - Friday only.







Your cat must be contained – please do not carry your cat to us.

We can provide you with a carrier to transport the cat safely.


Place the cat in the Kitty Parking Area before going to Main Reception – please do not carry your cat into our Shop/Reception.


You will need photo I.D. such as a driver’s license and will be required to provide information to our staff. This information is kept confidential but must be provided.


We will endeavor to return your carrier or trap on the same day, however if it is unsafe for us to do so we may need you to collect it later.


We are a self-funded, not profit organisation and while we may waive surrender fees we sincerely appreciate a donation to allow us to carry on our work.


We don’t refuse cats but we might refuse people.  We DO NOT tolerate any:

• rude, offensive or bullying behaviour

• abuse of our staff, volunteers or cats

• refusal to follow our procedures


If you display this kind of behaviour, we may refuse to serve you.


We are a self-funded, not for profit organisation with limited resources. The processes above ensure we can help cats and the people bringing them in as best we can. We accept cats by appointment by phoning 6278 2111 during our business hours starting from 10.00 am Monday to Friday. This is when we have qualified operational and veterinary staff available to assess and care for the cat appropriately. We can’t accept cats at other times as we may not be able to provide the appropriate care.


If your cat is sick or injured, please take it to your Vet.


Ten Lives Cat Centre

12 Selfs Point Road  New Town   7008

PO Box 309   Lenah Valley   7008

6278 2111

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No Surrenders

No Surrenders

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