Ten Lives Cat Clipping

Ten Lives now has a Cat Clipping Service for owned cats.

Clipping is carried out, with or without sedation, by the Ten Lives vet team.

Bookings are made via the Ten Lives website (via outlook calendar) or via phone. Clipping is done on Thursdays with drop off between 8am and 9am and pick up between 2pm and 4pm. Cats are dropped off and picked up at welfare reception.

We provide:

  • Clipping and brushing ($80),
  • Sedation, by veterinarian, if required ($100),
  • Nail clipping ($10), and
  • Flea treatment application, monthly topical ($15)

Please be aware that we are not groomers, we provide brushing and clipping for the benefit of the cat. We endeavour to make the cat look good, but our main aim is to remove uncomfortable tangling or matting of the coat and to clean around the bottom area. If you are looking for grooming for a pedigree animal or have very specific requirements for the look of your cat, we recommend you enquire elsewhere.

We recommend cats have blood testing prior to sedation if they are over 10 years old, cats must be up to date with vaccinations. Regarding sedation, this is carried out by a veterinarian if required and the cat deemed sufficiently healthy. There is always a risk with any anaesthesia, but we will do our best to minimise these risks.

Cats need to be brought in fasted (i.e. do not feed breakfast) and in a secure carrier.

On arrival a consent form needs to be filled out and signed.

Thank you for choosing Ten Lives to look after your cat’s coat.