Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 9

Sunday, 6th September

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10am Start: Channel – 402m Elevation (38.5kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 267
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 115

Start at Verona Sands just past Doyle Avenue and warm up with a big hill and back down again into Deep Bay at the 10 km mark. Continue along with the shoreline to your left all the way into Cygnet. From Cygnet stay on the main road and ride over Balfes Hill and down into Cradoc. Enjoy a fast ride from Cradoc into Huonville. From Huonville Esplanade, turn right into Main Road past the Grand Hotel and then left at the roundabout into Wilmot Road. Follow Wilmot Road past the school and then a 90 degree right turn past the Anglican Church and continue straight ahead into Louisa Street. Another 200 metres and a gravel road on your left will lead you to your destination at 35 Louisa Street for a BBQ to finish.

DID YOU KNOW: The Huon is both a major agricultural area, particularly famous for growing apples (83% of Tasmanian apples originate in the Valley), but also producing cherries, berries and stone fruit and is home to many commuter workers who work in Hobart or Kingston and prefer to live in a more rural setting. It is also a major source of seafood; the Valley hosts the headquarters of Huon Aquaculture and the major processing plants for Tassal. The largest employers are agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, followed by out of Valley work; Tourism is a growing industry in the Huon Valley, and the valley attracts around 25% of Tasmania’s tourist visitors. (Wikipedia)

Stage 9 Gallery

David’s Day 9 debrief: Stage 9 – Verona Sands, Cygnet, Huonville, Ranelagh (38.5).
Started today with me being very tired and with back spasms. Couldn’t even lift the bike into the car. Slowly got some movement, and got on the bike in beautiful Verona Sands down the bottom of the Huon River. The weather was a bit overcast, with an annoyingly gusty north westerly head wind.
We had technically 9 starters, Simon and his son heading off early, 6 on the start line, and Jacqui knocking off the run. The first big hill out of Verona Sands was hard, but followed by a lovely glide down the other side into Cygnet. Sunday is market day in Cygnet, and it looked packed. Any other day you would have stopped for a coffee and a bargain. The boys really lit it up for a fast bike train all the way to Huonville.
We had a brief stop for a photo op at Harcourts Huon Valley. Big thank you to Nick Bond and the team for for sponsoring the stage.
Then off to Ranelagh for a well deserved bbq.
Unfortunately beaten up the drive by the new King of the Mountain Charlie Linscott.
The cat of the day Millee Linscott, the house cat at Ranelagh, and the taste of the tour was the apple slice from Sandy Bay Bakery.
Injury report. Back is seizing. May look for a massage tomorrow. Day off!!!!
Next ride is Tuesday morning 6 am, sponsored by Plato’s. I almost looking forward to it.