Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 5

Wednesday, 2nd September

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6pm Start: My Ride > Tranmere > Lindisfarne (45.75kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 434
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 588

Stage 5 starts at My Ride and heads for the Eastern Shore.
Follow Sandy Bay Road towards the city and turn right on St Georges Terrace, left at Colville Street, right on Hampton Road, past Salamanca Place, around the waterfront and onto the bike track and over the bridge by the southern (city) side. Then head south around the water along Rosny Esplanade, right at Bastick Street, turn down into Rosny College leaving it on your left, around Bellerive Bluff along Victoria Esplanade, past the Bellerive Cricket Oval, along the bike track and then onto Alexander Esplanade, left on Wentworth street leaving Clarence High School on your right, right onto Clarence Street, turn on the first right on Silwood Avenue and return to the bike track behind Howrah Beach. Exit right onto Howrah Road, which becomes Tranmere Road to the end, then turn right onto Oceania Drive to the very end and return the same way, but this time cut across Bellerive Bluff at Queen Street, around Rosny and under the Bridge and along the foreshore on the bike track to Anzac Park in Lindisfarne. Return the same way, crossing the Bridge on the north side, and return to My Ride by the same route.
This is mostly flat with one or two short sharp hills, and a very pleasant ride down to Tranmere.

DID YOU KNOW: The suburb of Lindisfarne originally took its name from Lindisferne House, (Note: Suburb originally spelt incorrectly), a property built in the 1820’s near the suburb of Rosny. At one time the suburb was known as Beltana from 1892, but, because of confusion with Bellerive, it was renamed Lindisfarne in 1903 after Lindisfarne a tidal Island (Holy Island) in Northumberland, England. The easternmost part of the middle of the suburb, where the Beltana Bowls Club and the Beltana Hotel are located, is still locally known as Beltana. (Wikipedia)

Stage 5 Gallery

David’s Day 5 debrief: Stage 5 – My Ride > Tranmere > Lindisfarne (45.75kms).
As Simon says, that was the hilliest flat ride he has every done. On top of that, the wind was back. Going over the bridge was a true test of concentration. One mistake and you are over the railing and into the traffic, just like the real tour.
Started with about 7 riders, quite a few more joined in, and Jonesy (Tim Jones) caught up after missing the start. Headed south with the wind – really fast, then back into it. Although the body is holding up, I’m starting to feel really tired. Every day, work, home, bike, eat, sleep and do it all again tomorrow. Done well over 200km is 5 days. I was thinking I might put the bike on eBay and get $20 for it after the tour. Anyway, 16 stages to go. Looking forward to Saturday’s ride from Ten Lives! It will be daylight! It will also be a real opportunity for everyone to see why we need this new building so much.
On a brighter note, huge thank you to Peter McKenna from Try a Tri triathlon training group for sponsoring the Stage. Peter is an absolute legend with his enthusiasm (mid winter training swims off Kingston Beach!!). I would encourage all others to join his training group. Also, huge thank to the fellow riders – the support is fantastic.
The taste the tour is a Chicken Chasseur & mash potatoes & greens. The perfect post ride food. The cat of the day is Dr Suess’s Cat in the Hat, because like the weather he was out playing tricks tonight.