Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 4

Tuesday, 1st September

Sponsored by:

Chris Allfree

6pm Start: My Ride > Taroona > Bonnet Hill > Kingston > Home (39.25kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 393
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 460

Stage 4 starts from Osborne Street (across Sandy Bay Road from My Ride). Turn right into Quayle Street and ride to the end then cross the bridge onto Marieville Esplanade. Then turn left on Sandy Bay Road and continue to Lower Sandy Bay turning left onto Long Point Road, then quickly left onto Sandown Avenue, and left again onto Elma Road, right onto Nutgrove Avenue, right onto Beachworth Road, and then right onto Sandown Avenue (ie do the block) then turn left back onto Long Point Road, right onto Beach Road, and right onto the promenade next to the beach and exit near the wood fire pizza and back onto Sandy Bay Road heading south.
If that hasn’t confused you, you then ride up Bonnet Hill past the iconic Shot Tower and down into Kingston. At the first traffic lights turn left into Beach Road, down to the water and left onto Osborne Esplanade past the cafes to the end and left into Balmoral Road. Follow Balmoral Road around past the golf course and Browns river, turn left back down Beach Road, then the first left into Windsor Street, then right at the end down Balmoral Road, and continue round to the right along the beach along Osbourne Esplanade to the end of the beach past the sailing club. Do a u-turn at the car park and return along the beach and Balmoral Road, right on Beach Road, and back over the Bonnet. Repeat the Lower Sandy Bay loop in reverse and return to the finish at My Ride via Marieville Esplanade and Quayle Street.

DID YOU KNOW: Kingston has close ties with the Dutch community, where after 1950 many post-war immigrants moved to an area they called ‘Little Groningen’ (today Firthside). The Kingston Dutch community were primarily members of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, which they set up the local church of in 1952. Calvin Christian School was founded by the Dutch community in 1962. Kingston was named by the Best Suburb 2014 in Australia for families by Aussie Home Loans in their annual study of 3800 Australian towns. (Wikipedia)

Stage 4 Gallery

David’s Day 4 debrief: Stage 4 – My Ride to Kingston Beach and back (39.25kms).
What can be said about this stage, but nothing short of fantastic. Wow (again) To be perfectly honest, half an hour before the start, felt tired and exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do is to hop on the bike. 3 consecutive days were taking their toll. However, they came from everywhere at the start, and suddenly we had 17 riders!
The pace was definitely on, but how good was the night! This was the night before full moon, and riding along next to the beach at Kingston with the moonlight shimmering on the water was something straight out of a movie. Unfortunately riding as hard as I could to try and keep up with the fast guys up Bonnet Hill suggests that I may need a new motor (heart). If anyone has a spare heart, mine was pretty worn out tonight!!
On the way down Bonnet Hill I had a Potoroo scamper across if front of me – it was fine, but he really wanted to get to the other side of the road.
It looks like that we are going to have a great turn out for this Saturday, starting at Ten Lives. It’s really great having all the support from the public and other riders! The This is going to be hard, so please donate!!
Huge thanks to Chris Allfree for sponsoring the stage. He is an example of a person doing an amazing job both as a vet, and as someone who cares deeply for his patients (ie animals) and he demonstrated this by sponsoring the stage.
The taste of the tour was the lasagna from Solo Pasta that I wolfed down after the finish, plus some pre dinner fluid from the Syntax Hotel. With the lovely moonlit night, the cat of the stage was Slinky Malinki who is out on the prowl.