Section: Tour de Ten Lives

Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 3

Monday, 31st August

Sponsored by:

Timothy James
Cat Society

6pm Start: My Ride > Cadbury > Bowen Bridge > Sandy Bay (49.5kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 1,808
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 1,159

Stage 3 starts at My Ride, 129 Sandy Bay Road.
The course follows Sandy Bay Road towards the city, turning right at Gladstone Street, around the waterfront and onto the Bike Track and out to Cadburys. At Cadburys, do the Cadbury Marathon Loop by going up Cadbury Road, turn left on Somerdale, right on Mitcham, left on Keynsham, right on Moreton, up Mitcham and left on Bournville Crescent before returning towards the city via Cadbury Road. Turn left for a lap around Windermere Primary School car park before another left back onto Cadbury Road and another left onto Main Road to continue the Cadbury Marathon course past the Granada Tavern and MONA. to Strathaven Drive. Follow the bike track past Rosetta High School, the Montrose Bay sailing club and around the waterfront past the Derwent Entertainment Centre to Loyd Lane and then left onto Goodwood Road and across the Bowen Bridge on the bike lane on the north side. Do a u-turn at the end of the bridge and retrace the course back to the Bike Track entrance at Berridale just past the Granada Tavern.
Return on the Bike track by the same route to the finish at My Ride.

DID YOU KNOW: Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory is a working chocolate factory belonging to the Australian division of international confectionery company Cadbury (a division of Mondelez International), and is located in Claremont, Tasmania. Despite being an active production facility, Cadbury’s Claremont has a rich history with 18 heritage listed buildings on the site. The factory still features pure granite “conching” machines which are over 60 years old but are still in use. Due to its long history, and the general appeal of chocolate, the factory was a major Tasmanian tourism attraction for families until its on-site visitor centre closed in 2015. (Wikipedia)

Stage 3 Gallery

David’s Day 3 debrief: Stage 3 – Cadbury Marathon Course (49.5kms).
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday gale conditions and a horrible difficult ride. Today riding in the moonlight next to the water over the Bowen Bridge in glorious still conditions on empty roads. Tasmania – paradise! (So much better than the real tour – I can see it’s raining over there in France, again).
A dozen riders were started outside My Ride by one of the elders of the Timothy James Cat Society (a secret society). Yet again, a lot of new gentleman & ladies were in the peloton.
It was a pretty empty bike track out to Claremont, loop around Cadbury’s and back around the Entertainment Centre, over the Bowen Bridge then back home. With the flat roads you feel like superman! Also, it is surprising that there are hardly any cars on the road. Must be the last episode of the Batchelor in Paradise.
Injury report – feeling great. No crashes and right arm has come good. The cat tonight is “Puss in Boots”. The taste of the tour were the 5 pizzas from D’Angelos the were devoured by the peloton in about 2 minutes.
Chappy, Simon & myself are tied on the leader board (completing the 3 stages). Looking forward to the Chris Allfree stage to Kingston tomorrow.