Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 21

Sunday, 20th September

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11am Start: Orford – Last Stage (30.5kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 38
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 3

Start from Our Park, Orford down Walpole Street, around the left corner onto the Esplanade next to the river and turning left on Charles Street just before the highway. Head out past Spring beach and to Stapleton Beach over the Cattle Grid and up the big hill towards Rheban (you will know when you get to the top). Along for 100 metres and turn around and, return to Orford back to Walpole Street.
Then do 8 laps by turning down Walpole Street, past Our Park, Cross Street, along the Esplanade by the river, left at Charles Street past the police station and turning left at Walpole Street. On the last lap the pace increases, and the sprint starts at the Primary School before turning left down Walpole Street and finishing at Our Park.
The Tour will then be FINISHED!

DID YOU KNOW: Ten Lives is counting on you help to raise funds to support our new and exciting Building Project!
“This is the most significant project Ten Lives has taken on in its 70 years history and it will completely change our ability to care for cats, our people and the environment. Our current premises have served our cats and the community well, but are now seriously inadequate for us to do our work. We have long enjoyed the support of the community but now we are calling on all levels of government to support our animal charity and this building project as we carry out our increasing obligations under the Cat Management Act as Cat Management Facility.”
– David Rees, Ten Lives President.

Stage 21 Gallery

David’s Day 21 debrief: Stage 21 – Orford to Stapleton Beach – Orford and 8 laps around Orford – Champs-Élysées style (30.5kms).
What can I say – IT’S FINISHED! Over 80 riders took part in the tour, 1,025km distance and over 20,000 metres of climbing. More importantly no injuries or accidents, and we have raised over $22k for that great organisation Ten Lives.
The day started early at 6.45am with Jacqui, Michael McIntyre and myself knocking out her 10.18km run around Orford to finish her tour. Jacqui had ran 1/3 of the tour rather than riding which equates to 305.54km over the 21 stages (she also did ride on the Sunday). That’s running over 100km a week for 3 weeks, and on any level that’s a superhuman effort! That 10km run was hard! From the run it was around to Our Park Orford to set up. Big thanks to the Orford Community Group, Board members Heather and Suzy, and of course Noel in setting up for the bbq and the venue generally, and Deb and Alice for the Tour bunting. At the same time a number were still finishing the time trial. No one beat Richie’s time!
Her Excellency the Governor and Mr Warner turned up at 10.45 for the 11 am start, and were all kitted up for the ride. It was a moving moment at the start when Noel played the French National Anthem on his trumpet, and the newly installed Mayor Robert Young waved us off.
It was a nice relaxed pace out to Spring Beach, with the tour being followed by a Government House support vehicle. It just needed the spare bikes on the roof. We had at 30 riders with a couple of kids. With the hill out of Spring Beach, Mr Warner said don’t wait for us, and then suddenly took off up the hill. I don’t think he realised how buggered my legs were. We reached the cattle grid About 7kms out, and regrouped before heading back to Orford. It was so nice going at a relaxed pace for once!
Once back at Orford, the peloton started the famous 8 laps. All the locals were out cheering us on, and the Governor and Mr Warner were doing a great job cruising round with the seasoned tour veterans. Lots of photos and a sneaky glass of champagne, and the leisurely 8 laps were knocked over, and suddenly the tour was over! Wow, it has been a big 3 weeks. Ironically, I felt really good on the bike today.
Soon the bbq was in full swing with the presentation. Jack Anderson won the time trial beating 2 Tour de France riders with a 1 hour 6 minutes 12 seconds, Tim Jones was most combative rider with some interesting down hill descents, Michael McIntyre won the King of the Mountain with that awesome Mount Wellington ascent and Marcus Bowker won the gentlemen of the tour prize. The kids Oliver Thiessen and Conor Rees won the young riders award, and the yellow jersey went to Simon Thiessen (because he did every Stage and made sure I couldn’t pull out). Jacqui with the superhuman running effort won her division. The Governor drew the raffle, and big thanks to Wayne Chapman and My Ride For donating the bike, and for all the others for prizes including All Aerobics, Bonorong and Doyle Sails. Someone is going to be very surprised when she receives the phone call to hear they have won the bike! I was wrapped by winning the Pennicott Cruise. The Governor said a few kind words and suddenly it was over.
To sum up, the big thing about the tour is that there was a lot of hard work a lot of people, but at the same time a heap of good will. Hopefully, I believe we achieved our aim of raising money and awareness of the awesome organisation Ten Lives. I was just glad to go for a ride. It was the perfect weekend to see Richie Porte on the podium in France. What the tour taught me is the toughness of those tour competitors ( and we only did 1/4 of the distance, and technically we weren’t racing). It has created a lot of long term memories, from friends from Victoria wishing you well, to riding up the hill with Nathan Earle hear him talking about how Chris Froome or Cadel Evans ride their bikes, and taking to Nicole Frain about the crashes in the Cadel Evans road race last year, and her trip to hospital. The real special memories were getting up each morning and seeing Barry, Marcus, Jonesy, Baxy, Jack, Chappy, Rowan, K and many others (and especially Noel with the flag) each morning, and all the board members coming along to sell raffle tickets, cook sausages etc at the stage finishes. A real special thanks to all those behind the scenes at Ten Lives, being Joel, Freya and many others putting it all together, and especially Noel for his tireless efforts towards the tour.
The taste of the tour were the Triabunna Butcher’s hamburgers as cooked by the Orford Community group, and the Cat of the Stage was Sebastian, being the fluffy cat I received at the finish instead on the Lion. He’s very loyal!
Well, what’s next? Perhaps a little rest, and then onto the next hair brained scheme! Thanks again.
PS: does anyone want to buy a bike – proven performer! And everyone, please continue to donate to Ten Lives, and we will build this building!