Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 2

Sunday, 30th August

Sponsored by:

Councillor Bill Harvey
City of Hobart

10am Start: Long Beach Lower Sandy Bay > Tinderbox Loop (46.75kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 455
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 604

The second stage is the hilly Tinderbox loop.
The start is again outside the Blue Strawberry Takeaway at Lower Sandy Bay. Turn left onto Sandy Bay Road and ride down the Channel Highway over the Bonnet, turning left down Beach Road at Kingston to Kingston Beach. Then turn right along the beach past the sailing club and up Mt Royal Road and left onto Roslyn Avenue. Ride through Blackmans Bay and towards Tinderbox for a clockwise loop. The course passes Tinderbox Beach up the hill and onto the gravel, and then turns right onto Brightwater Road, left onto Roslyn Avenue and back down to Kingston Beach via Mount Royal Road. Retrace the trip back over the Bonnet to finish at the start at Lower Sandy Bay.
This is a good solid ride with a fair few hills but great scenery.

DID YOU KNOW: In the early 1800’s Joshua Fergusson, who lived on the land just above the beach, saw a business opportunity and planted tobacco here with a view to supplying the local pipe smokers. One day he found a silver tinderbox inscribed in French, an indication that some thirty years before early French expeditioners had visited this beach. Maybe this tinderbox slipped out of someone’s pocket? There’s also a chance that it had been traded or had washed ashore. Regardless, it’s owner sailed home to France but the tinderbox remained in Van Diemen’s Land. One day Joshua Ferguson came and picked it up, and thought, ‘I know – I’ll name this beach after it.’ (Wikipedia)

Stage 2 Gallery

David’s Day 2 debrief: Stage 2 – Long Beach, Lower Sandy Bay > Tinderbox Loop (46.75kms).
Again, wow! Windy!!!! That was the hardest most difficult ride since I first learned to ride a bike.
12 harden starters got underway from Tasmanian’s “Nice” Lower Sandy Bay. The course was a 46.75 km down to Taroona, Kingston, Blackmans Bay, around Tinderbox clockwise look and home. The wind gradually picked up to gale force (see the photo) and it was almost impossible to stay on the bike. Riding on the dirt into a 50km gale was fun.
Like the tour last night, you never know what conditions are going to be. However, 5 made it to the end, Chappy, Marcus, Simon, Michael Mac and myself.
Today was brought to you by Bill Harvey, and a very angry Garfield the Cat. Taste of the Tour was the flat white coffee at the Lower Sandy Bay Cafe.
Injury report – ironically right arm is starting to hurt. See how the it goes. Tomorrow – flat ride starting 6pm My Ride Sandy Bay