Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 18

Thursday, 17th September

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6am Start: My Ride > South Hobart > Strickland Ave > Ridgeway > Shot Tower > Home (42kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 272
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 327

Start My Ride, right up Queen Street to Grosvenor Street, along to Duke Street, up across Regent and then to Parliament Street, then across the Fitzroy Place, and then left at Byron Street. Then left on Davey Street before getting onto Cascade Road, Strickland Avenue to the top. Right on Huon Road and after 2 km turn left on Ridgeway Road, then into Ridgeway to the Nursery, turn around an back down Waterworks Road past the 100 year old Ridgeway dam, down to turn right on Lynton Avenue, onto Princess Street, right into Randell Street, then down Earl Street right on Grosvenor Street, through the Uni and down Earl Street, right on Quorn Street past Mt Carmel to Nelson Road. Then right onto Sandy Bay Road though Taroona to the Shot Tower and return through Marieville Esplanade and Quayle Street to My Ride.

DID YOU KNOW: One of Hobart’s biggest historical feats of engineering is the Ridgeway dam. Its construction put Tasmania at the forefront of international engineering innovation. Completed during WWI in 1917, it was considered a major achievement at the time, and was one of the first developments of its kind, in the world, to use techniques like spun steel reinforced piping, patented and manufactured in Australia by Walther Hume. The huge concrete wall has a curved shape which is ideal for the narrow, rocky location.
The dam wall is still in use over 100 years later and upgrading the dam wall is underway to ensure it will last another 100 years. (Taswater)

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David’s Day 18 debrief: Stage 18 – My Ride, Strickland Avenue South Hobart, Ridgeway, Waterworks, Uni of Tas, Shot Tower Taroona and home (42kms).
4 o’clock this morning it was pouring rain, and it looked to be a cold wet ride. Total lack of enthusiasm as usual for getting up early, but I got fired up when I found out that Richie Porte had moved into 4th place in the “other” tour. Into the bike shorts and off to the start. I reckon that after I finish the tour I will roll out of bed and put the bikes shorts on as a matter of habit.
We had 8 riders this morning, and Jacqui getting out at 5 to do her run. This ride took us through the back streets of Sandy Bay and around the Fitzroy Place, before the long 7 km 400 metre climb up Cascades Road and Strickland Avenue to Huon Road. We saw Jacqui belting down Strickland Avenue on her way to work as we were crawling (riding) up. The road was wet, but it wasn’t raining and not too cold. The ride up Strickland is always a bit tough, but really nice and quiet. The “A” team, i.e. the fast uphill riders took off, with me and Barry Brumby just getting it down at the rear. Riding uphill used to be my thing when I was in my 20’s, but it just keeps on getting harder. I can certainly see the attraction of an E-Bike, but unfortunately the good old peer pressure means that I will remaining relying on my pedal power for some time to come.
A quick trip around to beautiful Ridgeway, followed by the mad descent through the Waterworks. Riding into the sun I saw the biggest Wallaby crossing the road in front of me. I can remember growing up we never saw wallabies, except at Coles Bay. It’s interesting to see them wandering around the street now. It reminded me of a joke where a mate of mine who used to play for the Wallabies. He used to take his flute down the park and used to play them tunes. As you can see, I am slowly going mad.
The rest of the ride was uneventful down to the Shot Tower apart from it getting really cold. Much warmer up at Ridgeway. So far, no crashes, but Simon got a flat tyre this morning. 916kms in, and fingers crossed, no bike dramas for me as yet. Also apart from complete exhaustion, the body is holding up well.
Big thanks for PMM Real Estate for sponsoring this Stage, and part of their 5 stage sponsorship. We can’t say enough about their support of the tour and Ten Lives. Please join with them and continue your donations.
The cat of the day is Keyboard Cat, the internet sensation (please Google it). The taste of the tour was the apple and sultana scroll from Jackman & McRoss coffee shop. An essential for morning tea.
Looking forward to the flat stage past the new Ten Lives Op Shop at 222 Argyle Street tomorrow, and the time trial and last stage at Orford on the weekend!