Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 17

Wednesday, 16th September

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6am Start: My Ride > Kingston > Huntingfield > Blackmans Bay > Kingston Beach > Home (42kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 454
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 601

From My Ride down Quayle Street to Marieville Esplanade, left onto Sandy Bay Road down to Taroona, over the Bonnet to Blackmans Bay through Kingston shops. At the McDonalds roundabout, proceed to Margate and turn left at the Fork in the Road roundabout on to Algona Road. Cruise along the side of the Highway before down the big hill into Blackmans Bay. At the second roundabout, turn left on onto Roslyn Avenue and then a tough little hill past the school and over the other side before turning right down the hill at Mt Royal Road.
Cruise along Kingston Beach, down the circuit around along beside Browns River doing 2 laps, then back home over the Bonnet, and then via Marieville Esplanade before back to My Ride for a coffee.

DID YOU KNOW: Blackmans Bay south of Hobart was named after a James Blackman who occupied land there in the 1820’s. There is a blowhole near the northern end of the beach, which in reality is more like a large rock arch where waves can be seen coming in and crashing on the rocks. There are numerous cliffs and viewpoints along Blowhole Road.
On the southern side of the beach there is a track that leads to Flowerpot Point. This is a popular spot for fishing, although snags are an issue because of the prevalence of seaweed and rock ledges beneath the water. (Wikipedia)

Stage 17 Gallery

David’s Day 17 debrief: Stage 17 – My Ride, Blackmans Bay Loop, Kingston Beach and back home over Bonnet Hill (42kms).
Stage 17 was sponsored by Bulk Nutrients, and their representative was none other than pro cyclist Nicole Frain. To see her effortlessly accelerate up Bonnet Hill past everyone was one of the highlights of the Tour. She had a fair few war stories, especially the crash at the Cadel Evans Road race in Geelong in the rain last year. Those pro cyclists are tough. Big thanks to Bulk Nutrients for their support on this stage.
Getting up early in the dark was the usual hard task. I will not miss it.
The actual stage started with about 9 riders and Jacqui from My Ride in a pretty nice morning. For once it wasn’t cold or windy, and just the right temperature for some good riding. The first hill, being Bonnet Hill, was the same punishing hill that it always is. However, the ride down the other side past the Kingston Beach Golf Club is getting better each time. It was pretty quiet and nice through Kingston before going down the big hill into Blackmans Bay, with us exceeding 70kph down this hill. The little steep bit up Roslyn Avenue to Kingston has never been fun, and it was the same this morning. Back up the Bonnet meant that was the 2nd last hill of the Tour, and there was a nice fast ride back to My Ride. Overall quite a fun morning, and much better than anticipated.
Tomorrow it is the Strickland Avenue climb to bring us back into reality, but I can see the finish line. So can Simon and Jacqui, who have also done every stage.
Apart from being tired as usual, no injuries to report.
The cat of the day is Mittens, a cat who has an unlimited Data Plan… and isn’t afraid to use it. The taste of the Tour was the solitary Tim Tam that I gobbled down before the ride. So we are near the finish line – please continue to donate so we can get to our target!