Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 16

Tuesday, 15th September

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6am Start: My Ride > Bike Track, Creek Road, Lenah Valley Road > Home (41kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 1,418
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 949

Start at My Ride towards town, down Gladstone Street, out to the bike track to Elwick Road, then turn around and return along the bike track and go right onto Albert Road, and then left on Main Road Moonah. Turn right at Creek Road next to the Net Ball Centre, turn right onto Lenah Valley Road up to the top to the end of the road. Deceptive 250 metre 6 km climb, and back down again to the bike track this time turn right at Main Road, and left after 100 metres onto Bromby Street, then right on the bike track and home to My Ride.

DID YOU KNOW: Lenah Valley was originally known as Kangaroo Bottom, later Kangaroo Valley. Lenah is the native Aboriginal word for kangaroo. The eastern end of Lenah Valley was first settled near the older area of Mount Stuart. The Newlands manor house was built in the late 1830’s and had surrounding agricultural interest such as orchards. The manor house influenced development of the surrounding area and ensured that quality homes were built in the surrounding area in order to maintain the reputation of the area.
James Sherwin established one of Australia’s earliest commercial potteries in 1831 along Pottery Road, Lenah Valley. (Wikipedia)

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David’s Day 16 debrief: Stage 16 – My Ride, Lenah Valley Road, bike track to Berridale and back to My Ride for a coffee (41kms).
What a welcome relief to get back to the shorter stages. I needed this stage, as I am still suffering from the Sunday 175km stage. Even though I had a good rest on Monday, I was still physically exhausted. You are supposed to do “active recovery” on your day off, and I substituted a ride with taking my 6 year old grandson down to the park. I was exhausted even pushing the swing! Much harder than riding up the mountain. The Stage started with a 6am flag wave at My Ride. Have I said how much I dislike getting up in the morning this early! Anyway, it appears that the 175km stage did not deter people, with Chappy, Marcus, Jonesy, Baxy, Barry B and Tim Johnstone all fronting up, and Simon and Jacqui with her run heading off earlier. It was a nice ride into the breeze out the bike track, and left turn onto Creek Road, before turning onto Lenah Valley Road past the Milk Factory and all the way up the hill. It is a deceptive but very picturesque climb up the hill in the quiet road by the Lenah Valley rivulet to the foothills of Mount Wellington. From there, it was a mad ride down the hill to the bike track to accumulate some more kms, out to Berridale, and a glide home with the wind. The course organiser got his sums wrong, and we had to ride out a bit further than in the original brochure. Over 800kms down, and only bit over 200kms to go!! As to the injury report, I have developed a boil on my leg, and blisters on my left palm. Other than that, all ok. If I’m getting injuries, please can you donate. On that point a huge thank you for PMM for sponsoring the stage (1 of 5 stages).
The taste of the tour were the 2 fried eggs on toast. The cat of the stage was Kitten Kong from the Goodies (he knocked over the London Post Office tower). See everyone tomorrow, 6 am My Ride for the Blackmans Bay loop.