Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 14

Saturday, 12th September

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6am Start: My Ride > Bridge > Mt Rumney > Seven Mile Beach Finish (49.25kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 434
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 378

Saturday is a trip down to the airport. Start outside My Ride, through Battery Point via St Georges Terrace, Colville and Mona Street and Clark Avenue, the CSRIO, the docks and onto the bike track. Cross the bridge on the south side, through Rosny by the new bike track by the Highway, under the overpass with the Sports Centre/Clarence Swimming Pool on the right. Right on Montagu Bay Road, left on Riawana, right on Bastick, left at Rosny College and along the waterfront next to Rosny Park. Turn left and go through the intersection to Eastlands. Once through Eastlands continue straight to Bligh St Warrane, right near the end at Shackleton Street, and left on Cambridge Road, through to the Mornington roundabout and over Mt Rumney.
Up over the hill, down under the highway and right through Cambridge along Kennedy Drive. Once past the Cambridge Aerodrome, a detour by turning right on Bungana Way, left on Cambridge Park Road, to Anaconda and to return back the same way to Kennedy Drive. Turn left the airport roundabout and travel along the side of the highway, cross over and right down Pittwater Road to Seven Mile Beach. Right along the beach past the runway and continue on Surf Road towards the shop, out on Seven Mile Beach Road, U-turn at Axiom Way and back
again retracing steps past the Airport, U-turn at the intersection of Surf and Pittwater Road and back to the Seven Mile Beach
Takeaway store for a coffee.
The second half of this stage incorporates the Seven Mile Beach triathlon course, and it is nice and fast!

DID YOU KNOW: The Hobart International Airport is a Federal government owned airport,operated by the Tasmanian Gateway Consortium under a 99-year lease. The airport maintains a conjoined international and domestic terminal. The major airlines servicing the airport are Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia operating domestic flights predominantly to Melbourne and Sydney. Although the airport has not had a regularly scheduled international passenger service since 1998 (to Christchurch, New Zealand), the airport maintains customs and immigration facilities for aircraft entering the country. (Wikipedia)

Stage 14 Gallery

David’s Day 14 debrief: Stage 14 – My Ride, Mount Rumney, Airport, Seven Mile Beach (49.75kms).
Today was always going to be a game of surviving with minimal damage in preparation for tomorrow’s epic. The actual weather was a lot better than anticipated, with dry conditions in the mid teens.
4 riders got underway (with Simon the lead out man) from My Ride and off over the bridge. Nice light winds made the bridge easy, and through Eastlands and off down to Cambridge. At Cambridge we did a “ride by” of today’s Sponsor Skretting Australia. They look like a great organisation and big thank you for their support. From then on it was team time trialing on the flat roads around 7 mile beach. The Airport seemed pretty quiet. The stage wrapped up with a big surprise of a $2000 incentive if I finish tomorrow’s stage. That’s seriously a lot of pressure!!
The taste of the tour was the hamburger with the lot from the 7 Mile Beach takeaway, and the cat of the day was Mr Bigglesworth from Austin Powers.