Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 13

Friday, 11th September

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6am Start: Commando – Clockwise (47.75kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 620
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 704

The traditional Commando route!! Meet at My Ride and the Stage will start at the Casino. Follow Sandy Bay Road to Bonnet Hill, then Kingston past the shopping centre, left at the McDonalds roundabout and down to the Fork in the Road roundabout and on to Margate.
Turn right onto Sandfly Road just as you reach Margate (after a brief stop at the Ten Lives Margate Op Shop), and head towards the mountain through Allens Rivulet and Sandfly. Cross the highway carefully and turn right onto Huon Road and head up the hill past the Lower Longley Hotel to Neika and down through Ferntree and back to Lynton Avenue for the official finish and an unofficial cruise down the hill back to My Ride.
The stand outs of the ride are the trip up to Neika on Huon Road and the super-fast trip down Huon Road from Ferntree.

DID YOU KNOW: Our Margate Op Shop is “the little engine that could”! It continues to out-perform all projections. We had an expansion in winter last year and it is doing better than expected. It makes a substantial financial contribution for our organisation to continue its work caring for the cats, generating much needed funds to help us do our work at the Centre. The Margate Op Shop has been a vital part of our organisation since the get-go, has been around in some form or another for 40 years, previously in Blackmans Bay, and it is now very much cemented in the heart of the Margate community.

David’s Day 13 debrief: Stage 13 – My Ride, clockwise Commando (via Margate Ten Lives Op Shop) and over past Neika and Ferntree and back home. (47.75kms).
It was the famous Commando ride today. The definition of “Commando” is “a soldier specially trained for carrying out raids (or rides)”. We had those soldiers today, in the form of the “Running Edge Team”, which consisted of four exceptional riders all in their smart running edge gear, headed by super runner Kim Gillard. In simple terms, they decimated the peloton. It was also good to see a number of other new faces (and fast riders) this morning, Pitty, Ben, Bugsy, Charlie Badenach, Nathan etc.
A pack of about 25 riders headed off from My Ride this morning, with 3 others joining in on the way. Jacqui headed off on her run a little bit later. The pace was definitely up going down Sandy Bay Road, and up Bonnet Hill. Marcus beat his personal best by 30 seconds with a 6.33? up the 2.5km Bonnet Hill climb. (about 23kph average – sensational). We whipped over Bonnet Hill and down into Kingston, and then off to Margate to the Ten Lives Margate Op Shop – arguably the best Op Shop in Tasmania. From there is was the long hard climb over to Leslie Vale, Neika and back down the hill from Ferntree to My Ride. On the cruise down Huon Road, I averaged 49kph for 5kms, just to stay legal and within the speed limit. Gees it was fun.
I was fairly shattered this morning riding up the big hill, but the rip down again made it more than worth it.
A sensational effort by Edwards Windsor and Tim Johnstone in sponsoring the Stage. The Staff from Edwards Windsor greeted us on arrival to My Ride, with both fantastic coffee and a selection of pastries. We also had a very generous group this morning buying heaps of raffle tickets. Please continue to donate – we are almost there!
The cat of the day for Tom from Tom & Jerry, and the taste of the tour was definitely the Apple Danish at My Ride. See you tomorrow for the trip down 7 Mile Beach starting 10 am My Ride!