Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 12

Thursday, 10th September

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6am Start: My Ride > Cadbury Loop > Granton > Black Snake Road > Home (54kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 1,882
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 1,256

Stage 12 features another start at My Ride, Osbourne Street, Quayle Street, Marieville Esplanade past RYCT and DSS, left onto Sandy Bay Road down to Lower Sandy Bay, a right turn onto Churchill Avenue, right down Wayne Avenue, left on Sandy Bay Road towards the city, right along Marieville Esplanade and then up Napoleon Street, left on Trumpeter Street past the Shipwrights Arms, right onto Colville Street, right onto Hampton Road and along Castray Esplanade and round the waterfront onto the bike track. Follow the bike track to Bilton Street, turn left onto Bilton, followed by a right onto Main Road Claremont and ride out past the York Hotel at Granton. Turn left up the hill at Black Snake Road to Glen Hope Road, then back down again, a short detour off to the left to the very end of Main Road (just before the Bridgewater Bridge) and return home the same way through Battery Point, Napoleon Street, Quayle Street and back to My Ride.
Watch out for the snakes in the grass on Blacksnake Road.

DID YOU KNOW: Tasmania is home to 3 species of snakes: the Tiger snake, the Copperhead snake and the White-lipped snake (often referred to as a Whip snake). Like most of Tasmania’s native mammals, birds and reptiles, Tasmanian snakes are protected by law and it is illegal to kill or harm them in any way.
Identifying a snake as it slides rapidly away can be difficult. Many people, quite sensibly, don’t want to get too close. The most reliable distinguishing feature is the middle head scale; however, it is not recommended that you get so close as to be able to use this feature! (Wikipedia)

Stage 12 Gallery

David’s Day 12 debrief: Stage 12 – My Ride, Lower Sandy Bay, Granton, Black Snake Lane and back to My Ride ( 54.5kms).
Picture perfect blue sky morning for us today for the PMM 12th Stage. It was something special riding out past Cornelian Bay with the sunrise over the hills in Lindisfarne. 7 starters plus a runner set off from My Ride, down Sandy Bay Road, up Churchill Avenue past Alexander Battery and back into town. However, this stage had the sting of Napoleon Street. For your information from the official records “all three are between a 20 and 25 percent gradient, with Napoleon edging out Mellifont and Lynton for the title of steepest street”, so we went up Hobart’s steepest street. For your information, the famous hills of the Tour de France are Alpe d’Huez (a gradient of 8.1 percent), Mont Ventoux (12 percent) or the Mur de Huy (up to 19 percent), so we beat them again! From Napoleon Street, we went out all the way to Granton and up the lovely country road of Black Snake Lane for a couple of kms, and returned doing over 60km per hour down the hill. Pretty straight forward roll with the light northerly breeze along the bike track all the way back to My Ride. Jacqui also smashed out an 18km run over the domain. The coffee at My Ride was particularly good this morning.
A lot of nervousness with the next 3 days including the Commando on Friday (Starting at My Ride at 6am – NOT the Casino) and the Saturday’s stage down to Seven Mile Beach (starting at My Ride at 10am and not 6am) and the killer 175km Stage on Sunday. Thankfully the body is still in one piece!
Today’s cat was Sergeant Tibbs from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the cat who helps save the Dalmatian puppies from Cruella de Vil and her lackeys.
The taste of the tour was a good ol’ large bowl of Uncle Tobies muesli.
Thanks again for PMM’s support, and please keep donating. We are over ½ way, and we must reach our target (both in km and $).