Tour de Ten Lives: Stage 10

Tuesday, 8th September

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6am Start: Bike Ride > Bike Track > Granton (York Hotel) > Home (42.5kms)

No. of Cats surrendered from suburbs on route: 1,882
No. of Cats adopted to suburbs on route: 1,256

This stage is a welcome return to a flat track in the morning. It is a straightforward trip from My Ride left up Sandy Bay Road, right at Gladstone Street, right though Salamanca Place, a loop around Salamanca Square to visit our sponsor Plato’s and out through the waterfront to the end of bike track. Then turn left on Bilton Street and right onto Main Road Claremont out to the York Hotel at Granton and return to My Ride via the same course. Should take about 1 hour 40 minutes.
The highlight of the trip is passing the Goulds Lagoon bird sanctuary just before getting to Granton (or a beer at the Granton Hotel). The other highlight is that it should be a nice easy ride with a possible tailwind to help you back home.

DID YOU KNOW: Goulds Lagoon was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 at the request of the then owner Arthur Gould. It is a particularly important refuge for water birds which use the area for resting, feeding and breeding.
A diverse amount of bird species are attracted to the lagoon, including Black Swans, Pelicans, Black Ducks, Chestnut Teals, Purple Swamphens, Egrets, White-faced Herons and Cormorants. Vagrant species, such as Australasian Shovellers, Pink-eared Ducks and Freckled Ducks visit occasionally. (About Tasmania)

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David’s Day 10 debrief: Stage 10 – My Ride, Granton, and return to My Ride Sandy Bay (42.5kms).
I just don’t like the early mornings. After a sleepless night trying not to miss my alarm, and after an incredibly warm September night (I believe it was 18 degrees at 3 am in the morning, and that is a heatwave for summer, let along early Spring), I staggered down to the start at 6 o’clock in the morning outside My Ride. At least with the warm weather my back has fixed itself, but the fatigue is definitely there.
17 riders got away, being waved off by Jacqui. She was off to do a 14.16 km run as her part of the tour. This continued support for the tour mind blowing.
We headed up Sandy Bay Road and onto the bike track where we joined by Nathan Earle after his time trial win on Sunday. We suspect it must have been the training with the Tour de Ten Lives on the Saturday stage that gave him the edge.
The ride was pretty nice. It is kind of relaxing sitting in the rear of a 17 bike peloton and just being pulled along. How easy must the tour de France be sitting being 170 riders! We did the u turn just before the Bridgewater Bridge in Granton, and had the added bonus of the wind behind us all the way home. We had a quick stop in Salamanca Square to honour our Stage Sponsor Plato’s. Plato’s is owned by our board member Kellie Rathbone, and it is a fantastic shop to buy all you Birthday and Christmas gifts. Kellie was there with fellow Ten Lives Board member Emily to greet us at the shop. I also gave a quick radio interview to Rik Goddard on ABC, but he declined my polite invitation to ride up the mountain on Sunday. The peloton then finished at ride at My Ride’s coffee shop Spokes. Overall a great morning.
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The taste of the tour was the flat white coffee at My Ride, and the cat of the stage was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, as the riders definitely had distinctive and mischievous grins for this flat stage.