More hats than the Op Shop!

Jeanette merchandising newly donated stock in the North Hobart Op Shop.

ARTICLE BY: Joel Diprose, Ten Lives

Jeanette has currently been volunteering with Ten Lives for approximately 4 years.

“Of course like everyone who volunteers here, I’ve always had and loved cats.” Jeanette said, “I actually started my volunteering life with the original Cat Centre in South Hobart when I was a teenager. Things were a lot more basic then but we did the best we could. I even pounded the streets asking for donations! I returned to volunteer a little more in my 20’s whilst attending university. Then finally after raising a family and finding I had a little spare time on my hands, I began as an Animal Attendant.”

Like many volunteers, Jeanette saw more opportunities where she could offer help.

“I’ve had a few different roles at Ten Lives depending on what was going on in my life. For the first 2 years I basically fed, cleaned, chatted & patted the cats and kittens! I also began to foster at that time. I’ve fostered approximately 25 kittens of all ages and only recently had my first foster fail, which I thought was a pretty good effort!”

“I was encouraged by Rose, the Edu.Cat coordinator to become a facilitator in primary schools. It was, and still is a big challenge for me as I am not a teacher. I get very nervous but once the class starts, it just seems to flow and is over before you know it. I usually teach once a fortnight.”

“However my favourite role is my latest one assisting at the new Op Shop in North Hobart.”

But Jeanette pointed out that volunteering at Ten Lives is not all ‘beer and skittles’.

“You don’t just sit around playing with kittens all day! It can be hard physical activity and sad situations will happen around you but as a volunteer you are shielded from them. You feel like part of the team and there are systems in place to help if you are struggling. After a solid day’s work you will feel satisfied and proud of what you have contributed towards improving the lives of many cats and kittens of Hobart.”

Feeding the resident Op Shop cat.

Collecting an Edu.Cat resource kit.

Bringing fosters in for a check up.

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