Section: Educate

Year 7 Edu.Cat STEM Program

Incursion Overview:

Learning Intentions: Students learn the interactions between organisms, including humans, can be represented in food chains and food webs.

Students also learn how humans can positively and negatively impact native animals, depending on their choices.

Time: 45 minutes

Kaye Kessing's cat drawing

Introduction about Ten Lives and what we do. How many cats and kittens are surrendered to Ten Lives and why. The importance of desexing, microchipping and vaccinations are discussed at an age appropriate level for students.

Oxford Debate – The Impact of Cats on the Food Web – why and how did cats end up in Australia and what have been the consequences for our native species.

Understanding Toxoplasmosis –video

Food Web Activity – Students learn the important interconnections of a Tasmanian based food web and how it can be affected by pet, stray and feral cats.

Recap and question time

Resources provided – Teacher guide and student guide linked to Australian Curriculum provided in an electronic format.

STEM Challenge: Through investigations and research, students explore cat management in Australia and draw conclusions through creating and sharing an innovative way to raise awareness and increase understanding of this issue.

Time required for STEM Challenge: 7 x 40 – 60 minutes, plus homework