Section: Educate

Year 5/6 Edu.Cat STEM Program

Incursion Overview:

Learning Intentions: Students learn how cats features and senses have allowed them to successfully adapt to varied environments worldwide. Students will learn about the issues that lost or discarded pet cats face.

Time: 60 minutes

Children involved in the year 5/6 program

Introduction about Ten Lives and what we do. How many cats and kittens are surrendered to Ten Lives and why. The importance of desexing, microchipping and vaccinations are discussed at an age appropriate level for students.

Oxford Debate – how have cats adapted to the life of a pet cat and the impact to cats and the environment is explored through this fun and engaging activity.

Purrmaster Quiz Championship – how cats features and senses make them one of the most successful hunters on the planet is explored in this fast paced hands on the buzzer quiz game.

The suffering of discarded pets – video

Recap and question time

Post Incursion Key Inquiry Questions:

What makes the cat an excellent hunter?

How do cats play?

How have cats adapted to the life of a pet?

How do unwanted cats suffer and what could prevent this suffering?

Resources provided – Teacher guide and student workbooks linked to Australian Curriculum, certificates of achievements and bookmarks.

STEM Challenge: Post Incursion STEM Challenge with classroom teacher: Students design and construct from reused materials, a toy for cats that is suited to their hunting adaptations.

Time required for STEM Challenge: 3 x 60 minutes plus homework