Section: Educate

Year 2 Edu.Cat STEM Program

Incursion Overview:

Learning Intentions: Students will know and understand the features of a cat, offspring is called a litter of kittens, and learn about the different life stages of cats. Desexing is understood as a way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens.

Year 2 chiidren playing kitten math madness

Time: 60 minutes

Kitten Maths Madness

Introduction about Ten Lives and what we do. How many cats and kittens are surrendered to Ten Lives and why. The importance of desexing, microchipping and vaccinations are discussed at an age appropriate level for students.

Cat Feature BINGO – a fun and engaging way to learn about the features of cats.

Life stages of a cat – cats have offspring similar to themselves. In groups students explore the different life stages of kittens and cats through an engaging activity poster

Kitten Maths Madness – how many kittens will Silk and her two female offspring Honey and Possum have in 18 months? A fun addition game played in groups which highlights the importance of desexing cats to prevent over population and homelessness.

Student presentation – Kitten Maths Madness results shared with class

Recap and question time

Post Incursion Key Inquiry Questions:

What can you tell me about a cat’s offspring?

What can you tell me about the different life stages of a cat?

What are some ideas to reduce the number of kittens being surrendered to shelters?

What is Desexing and where can you take your cat to be desexed?

Resources provided – Teacher guide and student workbooks linked to Australian Curriculum, certificates of achievements and bookmarks. Life Stages of a Cat poster and Activity poster, Kitten Maths Madness activity sheets.

STEM Challenge: Post Incursion STEM Challenge with classroom teacher: Students design and construct a model of a cat or kitten using materials that reflect the function of its body parts.

Time required for STEM Challenge: 2 x 30 minutes plus 1 x 60 minutes