Section: Educate

Ten Lives Tour

Tour Overview: Tours for school groups are free from charge.

Bookings by appointment only

Learning Intentions: Students and teachers learn what goes on behind the scenes in a shelter for the cats, staff and volunteers.

Time: 50 minutes

Tour scenes at ten lives

Welfare reception: Surrender process of cats/kittens discussed.

Surrender intake room: What processes and preliminary treatments are required for cats and kittens that have been surrendered.

Shelter hospital: Students learn about the types of health conditions commonly seen in shelters, and ways of reducing spread of diseases.

Foster Care: Why is foster care so important to shelters?

Shelter vet clinic: Students learn about the types of surgical procedures in the shelter vet clinic.

Retail: The importance of making money to support cats and kittens in our care.

Adoption rooms: Students engage with some of our feline friends awaiting adoption. At the same time they will learn about maintaining good hygiene around cats, how to handle cats and how to interpret body language.

Media & Marketing: Why is media and marketing so important to shelters? The tour concludes with a short discussion. Students get the chance to ask any additional questions, highlight what has been learnt and share thoughts about the experience