Section: EDUCATE

Thank you to the schools who have already enrolled and participated in our Edu.Cat STEM Program. See what they have to say:

– “Highly recommended to any educators looking for a valuable learning experience for students”.

– “We love the Edu.Cat Program, and the option of having kittens come and visit the classroom was fantastic”.

– “Informative, age appropriate, and engaging”.

– “Knowledgeable presenters and a good mixture of fun and information”.

– “Motivating, hands on and collaborative activities”.

-“Thoroughly planned curriculum linked program and professionally delivered’’.

– “Easy, step by step guide with links to the curriculum’’.

– “Learning intentions and guiding questions link with best teaching practice”.

– “Students are still talking about what they learnt’’.

– “Lessons are inclusive of all students’ needs’’.

– “Edu.Cat covered a range of curriculum aligned activities and was a powerful way of teaching responsible pet ownership’’.

– “Students were engaged and thinking critically’’.

– “A very worthwhile activity’’.

– “Curriculum based activities and assessment were exceptional’’.

– “It linked exceptionally well with our science focus’’.

– “I was able to extend students’ understanding of scientific concepts’’.

– “The activity books keep students’ learning going well after the session is done’’.

– “I really liked the graphing activity for my Grade 2 students’”.

– “Colourful and eye-catching professional quality workbooks’’.

– “Fantastic to have an organisation come into the classroom’’.

– “Edu.Cat promotes the message that everyone is responsible for their pets and animals in the wild’’.

– “Edu.Cat Team members wasted no time in developing and implementing a Covid 19 safety plan to keep our school community safe’’.