Section: Educate

Prep Edu.Cat STEM Program

Incursion Overview:

Learning Intentions: Students will know the needs and wants of a pet cat and understand how to care for and keep cats happy and safe.

Time: 60 minutes

Introduction about Ten Lives and what we do. How many cats and kittens are surrendered to Ten Lives and why. The importance of desexing, microchipping and vaccinations are discussed at an age appropriate level for students.

Detective game – in pairs students hunt around the room for hidden pictures which are then sorted into two categories – Safe or Unsafe items for cats to eat or play with.

Race for Safe – relay race – making connections from the detective game students work in teams to identify and categorise items that are safe or unsafe for cats with reasoning.

Recap of Race for Safe

What to do if an accident happens – sharing ideas and providing solutions.

Recap and question time

Post Incursion Key Inquiry Questions:

What do all cats need? What do cats want?

How do you think cats feel if their owner does not look after their needs?

How do you think cats feel if their owner does not look after their wants?

What can you do at home to help care for your cats needs and wants?

How can you make your cat happier?

Resources provided – Teacher guide and student workbooks linked to Australian Curriculum, certificates of achievements and bookmarks.

STEM Challenge: Post Incursion STEM Challenge with classroom teacher: Students design and create a diorama showing the objects that cater for the needs and wants of a pet cat.

Time required for STEM Challenge: 3 x 30 minutes